Our Story

While working through Liria's own past of emotional, mental, and sexual abuse, the Forsythes struggled to make sense of God within her story. Liria sought resources which were vulnerable and authentic for survivors yet still gave hope for a healed soul and Matthew searched for resources that brought truth to his role as the support system.

In the midst of her healing, it became apparent to Matthew and Liria that they would have to write the words each had needed to hear so that other victims could move towards restoration after abuse. Beginning with Thrive. Liria formed Speak Truth Ministries as a central place for her to connect with those who share a similar story.  

What We Believe

Being a survivor that’s in the process of healing is hard. Really hard. And being the spouse, the parent, the sibling, the best friend of that victim is incredibly hard as well. Most people - including the survivor - don’t realize just how difficult it is to walk next to the mending victim. We don’t talk about how patient the support system needs to be. How compassionate, loving, grace-filled, and strong. We don’t talk about how challenging it can be for the support system to watch a survivor work through the emotions or how horrifying the stories are to listen to without judgement.


It takes more than just the survivor doing the hard work needed to successfully repair themselves and be set free from their past. It takes more than the victim acknowledging their abuse. It takes more than a good counselor or the abuser’s prosecution. It requires a support system, a team of people coming together for the duration of the process. It takes a village of people working together, persevering, until emotional and mental health is restored. And because it takes a tribe of people, our passion is to point everyone in a direction towards doing this with excellence.


What we know is that one emotionally unhealthy person can hurt countless others, continuing patterns or starting new ones. However, a healthy person can bring life to people. They can be authentic and they can live with intention. We shouldn’t be avoiding the hard work because it’s messy and scary; we should be doing the hard work because the reward is immeasurable to our communities.

We have an incredible team.

their bios are coming soon.

Speak Truth Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Creating a bridge of grace

from trauma to freedom

for sexual abuse survivors.

Lancaster, PA, USA

John 8:32

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