The Forsythe family attends GT Church in West Lawn, PA  led by Pastor Bryan Koch. Liria mentors other survivors, leads a life group, and is a discipleship coach in the church. 

About Liria Forsythe

Liria's first love on earth is her husband, followed closely by their six children. She is passionate about her roles as wife and mother, and leaving a legacy of excellence behind. She wants her life to make a difference, so every day she chooses to be intentional and make decisions that can impact others. Outside of their home, Liria's heart is broken for the abused; she advocates for them every chance she has, using her gifts of writing, speaking and leadership to accomplish this. And above all else, she belongs to the Lord.

About Matthew Forsythe

Matthew is a war veteran turned ICU nurse with over a decade of life experiences literally dealing with life and death. He served with the United States Marine Corps during Operation Enduring Freedom, going to combat with the infantry, and returning home with a desire to make a different kind of impact on others. He is currently finishing up his Family Nurse Practitioner degree while working in the ICU, all with the intent of continuing to help others. Matthew’s trauma was different from his wife’s, but because he also suffered and healed from PTSD, he understands and works with Liria to show compassion to those who suffer after sexual abuse.

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